Changing from shared hosting to a dedicated server is a big step, requiring support services to ensure that the server is kept secure and up to date.

We provide remote server support services for owners of dedicated servers to allow you to concentrate on your business and not on your server support.

On a per server or per hour basis, we will :

  • Monitor your servers and services on your servers 24x7 - we will be paged within 10 minutes of a server or service going down

  • Log into your servers on a daily basis and manually perform routine maintenance and checkups to make sure all is well

  • Ensure that security patches are up to date on a monthly basis

  • Ensure that full backups are maintained on a monthly basis

  • Perform up to 5 hours of work per server - work beyond 5 hours will be quoted and agreed beforehand

We have experience supporting almost every open source and every Microsoft server technology available. We also have experience with most cloud based technologies such as Amazon EC2 (AMI) and GoGrid hosting.